Soccer can help kids with autism gain confidence, improve social skills, and develop better coordination. Improvements in balance and motor skills often go hand in hand with progress made in cognitive function and academic achievement. Sports and exercise can improve proprioception, or the body’s sense of where it is in space and where the parts of the body are in relation to each other, which is important because autism often affects sensory processing Exercising and playing sports gets more oxygen to the brain, helps kids stay in shape, improves sleep habits, and can improve relaxation and decrease aggressive behaviors. And most importantly, soccer is fun.

Murrieta Youth Soccer League will begin registration for the Fall 2020 TOPSoccer Program. I will be coaching the team again in the Fall, and am very excited to bring this opportunity to our community. Games will begin in September and end in November, and will be played on Friday nights at Los Alamos Sports Park. Registration for the Fall 2020 TOPSoccer Program will begin in May 2020 (updates to follow).

The TOPSoccer program can accommodate only 20 players, so space is limited. What is the Murrieta Youth Soccer TOPSoccer Program?

•Community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities organized by youth soccer association volunteers.

•Program is designed to bring the opportunity of learning and playing soccer to any boy or girl, who has a cognitive or physical disability.

•Goal is to have every young athlete with disabilities become valued and successful members of the Murrieta Youth soccer family.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either Jeff Kirshberg ( with any questions regarding the TOPSoccer Program.